Johannes Hattunen, fearless entrepreneur, world class breakdancer, coach and motivational speaker knows how to inspire and coach people. His dedication, passion and unwavering belief can be seen in everything he does.

The energy, enthusiasm, strong presence combined with charisma and charming personality are his true assets as a motivational speaker. Johannes is a true story teller with an exceptional ability to influence people and he has the talent to encapture the audience, whether it's a group of business leaders or school children.

Johannes has coached thousands of people and helped them not only to become physically stronger, but also motivated them to achieve success, chase their dreams and spread positivity amongst others. 2014 He brought the popular Training for Warriors concept to Finland and together with TFW Helsinki team they have succeeded to create something unique.

He is also internationally acknowledged and one of the most successful Finnish breakdancers, co-founder of dance school Saiffa and dance teacher. Johannes aka Bboy Hatsolo is known for his high energy and strong, recognizable style on the dance floor. During his career he has won several international titles such as Circle Kingz, Rock Steady Anniversary and Red Bull BC One Skandinavia.

For Johannes the purpose of life is to keep on creating something better, something that can help spread great vibes, excitement and perseverance to people.

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