”Johannes starttasi seminaarimme vauhdikkaasti – ja asenteella! Teemat ja tarinat oli helppo yhdistää valmentajien arkeen ja osallistujat kokivat saaneensa paljon innostusta ja ideoita omaan työhönsä.”
— Liisa Ahlqvist-Lehkosuo, Suomen Voimisteluliitto, Voimistelutoimen johtaja
“Esiintymisesi oli loistava, suuri kiitos sinulle. Kykysi innostaa ja motivoida muita on ilmiömäinen ja setti sopi aiheeseemme kuin nenä päähän. Koko hotellin johtoryhmä oli ihastuksissaan.”
— Nina Sjölund, Development Manager SOK Travel and Hospitality Industry Chain Management
“Hatsolo managed to pump some energy into a hundred lecture-weary executives, which was a feat in itself.”, “Hatsolo’s presentation was inspiring and easy to implement in our organization.”, “Hatsolo was a great motivational speaker and great presenter, he clearly believed in what he presented.”
— Feedback from University of Turku EMBA 2014 forum.
Johannes is a truly amazing person and coach, whose capability to take every person as they are, inspire and motivate them is something every one should get to experience. I have used very practical advises from him at work, and managed to not only to unify my teams to work better together, but that has also given me the needed energy to succeed in my job.
— Outi Ellilä Marketing and E-commerce Director for Anttila & Kodin1 department store chains
There are people whose presence means a lot more than them just physically being in the same space as you. One of these people is Johannes ‘Hatsolo’ Hattunen!
— TEDxTurku
As a trainer, Johannes has an exceptional ability to throw himself in to a workout. I’m glad he has inspired youth in Taisto school sports campaign!
— Jari Hätinen, Executive producer Valo, Finnish Sports Confederation
Johannes “Hatsolo” Hattunen provided us a living example of the value of storytelling. He emphasized that a goal without a plan is just a wish. One should change their attitude from ”I got to” to ”I get to”. THEOPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE! - Timo Oksanen, Marketing Manager at Turku School of Economics
— Timo Oksanen, Marketing Manager at Turku School of Economics
Hatsolo is one of the most energetic and professional performers that we have worked with! Always delivers 100%. Takes the crowd and keeps it!
— Lauri Kokko, CEO Emerbus, NRJ Workout-events

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